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For example, you may feel stressed, anxious and/or sad that your partner isn’t yet able to commit to you in the way that you want him or her to, and you may be setting yourself up for heartache and heartbreak in the future by waiting around for a decision in the present.It’s also important to consider the fact that waiting for your partner may prevent you from pursuing other people who may be able to provide you with the type of serious commitment and emotional support that you’re seeking.Dressing like a functional adult shows that you care about “you” enough to present yourself well. She hates social media with a fiery passion that burns like taco night in hell but is considering starting her own blog.You don’t need an enormous, pricey wardrobe to do that. She loves heavy metal more than pants and consumes approximately 10.7 gallons of green tea a day.Are you able to wait for this person to make a decision even if it means living in a constant state of limbo?If you can’t possibly imagine a future without this person, then it’s worth sticking around a bit longer.All you have to do is find what flatters you and expand on that. No matter how in love you are with your significant other, you should always give him space and let him have a life outside of you.

But, those dating rules don’t go away once you’re in a serious relationship — or at least they shouldn’t.

Compliments are easy to give and they make the recipient feel warm and fuzzy inside. Everyone likes to hear a compliment, especially one that’s coming from their significant other.

Tell the man that you like what you see and that you appreciate him. Few things are more frustrating than trying to talk to someone who’s always staring at a glowing screen.

And while you may think that your partner may only need a short amount of time to make a final decision, it’s possible that months and months may go by without any sort of answer from him or her about where you stand.

Once you’ve considered these five key points when it comes to waiting for your partner to be ready for a serious relationship, it’s time to look internally in order to make a final choice.

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A serious relationship is no excuse to let yourself go and fall into lazy complacency with your body.

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