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The following handwritten signature examples meet the requirement: There are also some examples of acceptable illegible signatures that sufficiently indicate the identity of the signator. Smith has to go into the EMR and “close” the note that Dr. Smith, is the one who examined the patient for the actual visit, not Dr. However they both are responsible for the information provided in the EMR. In the documentation, providers will sometimes include a signature log that identifies the author associated with initials or an illegible signature.

For example, an illegible signature may appear on a prescription. White puts his electronic signature on the record and states that he scribed the note for the visit for Dr. The signature log might be included on the same page where the initials or illegible signature appear or might be a separate document.

This process requires the author of the order to sign an attestation that he/she is the originator of the order, and does not allow for anyone but the ordering/treating physician to make the attestation.

While there is currently no specified format or language for the attestation, a suggestion is included in the transmittal. If a signature is illegible, there must be a typed or printed name next to the signature.

The method used for authentication may be a handwritten or electronic signature. Exceptions are made for certifications of terminal illness for hospice care and orders for clinical diagnostic tests.

However, if there is an unsigned order for a clinical diagnostic test, there must be documentation by the physician, such as a progress note, that shows that the physician intended for the test to be performed. CMS states that providers should not add late signatures to the medical record (beyond the short delay that occurs during the transcription process), but instead use the signature authentication process.

In the past, CERT would consider an unsigned requisition or physicians' signatures on test results.

Note exceptions to signature guidelines Prior language from the Program Integrity Manual stipulated that a legible identifier was required from the ordering provider, either in handwritten or electronic signature form, for every service provided or ordered.Want to receive articles like this one in your inbox? Let’s take a closer look at the updated provider signature guidelines for labs and diagnostic testing. Cassano, CPC Providers must understand the revisions to signature guidelines outlined in Med Learn Matters article 6698 and Transmittal 327 in the Medicare Program Integrity Manual, which were revised on April 26 to include additional clarifying language from CR 6698 and are retroactive to March 1 in order to satisfy the November 2010 reporting period. Knowing how to sign a letter is an important skill for mastering business documents as well as personal, friendly, or even intimate letters.Two recent publications issued by CMS clearly indicate that the organization is tightening its requirements for the documentation required to support medical necessity and mandated signatures on prescriptions and orders for services.

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