Simon and sinitta dating 2016

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She has to be one secure and tough cookie to not mind having her partner's exes in her life!After wooing his friend's wife and having a child with her, Cowell did the unthinkable.She became a "bored housewife," Eisenberg said, claiming "she was lonely and you 'can't put a credit card under your arm when you go out to dinner.'" Silverman reportedly lived a charmed life when she was married to the real estate mogul, but it wasn't enough to keep her committed to him.According to , Cowell and Silverman had been having an affair for four years before Silverman became pregnant.During their stop in Barbados, Silverman supposedly stayed at a hotel up the road from Cowell's apartment, where he was allegedly partying non-stop.

” But I don’t think I saw anything except those twinkling eyes.” She goes on to claim that Essex, who recently bowed out from East Enders after five months as Eddie Moon, told her to reveal their affair to a 25-year-old Cowell, who was an aspiring record producer at the time.EIGHTIES SINGER, Sinitta, has revealed that she cheated on boyfriend Simon Cowell when she was 16.The singer, who had been dating the TV mogul for two years prior to walking into the arms of another man, says she started a relationship with fellow pop star, David Essex, who, at 37, was twice her age, reports The Daily Mail Sinitta, who claims she was ‘madly in love’ with the X Factor judge at the time, admits that she dumped him unceremoniously to continue a passionate romance with the That’ll Be The Day singer.“David said: “You’re just going to have to tell him, aren’t you? In her defense, the singer says that Cowell was a “naughty” boyfriend too. So I let her have Simon and let David have me.” “I didn’t fall out of love with Simon, but I’d just met my idol.YOUNG LOVE: Sinitta with Simon Cowell, then 25 ‘”To be fair, Simon was quite a naughty boyfriend. If Simon had let me have a cheat card in those days, I’d have played it for David Essex,” said the 42-year-old mother of two.

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when she began the affair, says she knew she wanted to be with Essex, the first time the pair kissed on stage.

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