Statistics updating resource allocation

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The national government allocates the overall Department of Health budget in its annual public expenditure negotiations.The Department of Health sets the cash-limited budget available for allocation to PCTs.These were in turn adjusted by a series of standardized mortality ratios (SMR).The SMR is defined as the number of deaths in the area, given its demographic profile.

The English NHS is managed by the Department of Health and is administered locally by 152 geographically defined health authorities, known as primary care trusts (PCTs), with average populations of about 400 000.This trend has been given added impetus by the increased decentralization of health services worldwide.If decentralization is to be effective, national governments need to be seen to be treating different localities even-handedly.They remained in force until 1990, by which time most regions were spending very close to their expenditure targets.As new data became available, RAWP was therefore superseded by a series of more complex empirical formulae, of which one example is the York formula introduced in 1995.

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First, the health services were disaggregated into a small number of disease categories, corresponding to specialities based loosely on WHO International Classification of Disease chapter headings. Summary of the RAWP recommendations Per capita need was calculated by first disaggregating the population by age and sex.