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At Tribal Council, he played his idol negating the five votes against him, and Gabby was blindsided, even though Christian voted against Alison.

Following Tribal Council, he realized Nick was not with him.

On Night 20, he contributed to former David Elizabeth Olson's unanimous 12-1 elimination, though Angelina attempted to target him because of his importance to the original David contingent.

The following vote, Mike pitched voting out Christian once again after Christian told Mike about Gabby's Tribal Council comments in a failed attempt to reassure him.

At the Final Tribal Council, Christian asked the finalists to highlight a move they had made which demonstrated how they outwitted their competition.

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On Day 35, Christian along with Nick and Davie were in danger of elimination, and Nick even talked to him about getting Alison out.

At Tribal Council, Christian voted against Alison, but his threat status caught up to him as he was voted out, 3-2-0.

At the final 8, Christian and Gabby wanted Carl out, and with that, they plotted his elimination with former Goliath's Kara Kay and Alison, and Christian even talked to Mike about getting Carl out.

At Tribal Council, Mike sided with Christian, blindsiding Carl.

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The following day, both he and Nick Wilson formed the Mason-Dixon Alliance since both members were from the Southern U. Christian notified Nick and they realized they had the power to send either Jessica or Lyrsa home.

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