Teen dating violence awareness month

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Teen dating violence awareness month

Girls are particularly vulnerable to experiencing violence in their relationships and are more likely to suffer long-term behavioral and health consequences, including suicide attempts, eating disorders, and drug use.Adolescents in abusive relationships often carry these unhealthy patterns of violence into future relationships.What Is Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month?February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month (TDVAM).Physical abuse can include hitting, smacking, striking, kicking, hair pulling, and strangling.It is important to talk to teenagers about teen dating violence and physical abuse.

Teens who abuse their dating partners are more likely to grow up and evolve into adult domestic abusers.When teens are in a romantic relationship, which tend to be short-lived and fraught with complex emotions, there may be pressures to engage in sexual activity.These pressures may come from the dating partner or even expectations from peers.In 2010, the month of February was also officially designated by Congress as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.As a result, discussions about the rising epidemic of teen dating violence are not only encouraged, but embraced.

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Both houses of Congress supported the measure and, in an effort to extend the conversation and protection to teens, declared the first week of February to be Teen Dating Violence Awareness Week.