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This discussion is not new, but now that VDI has made hosted desktops an attractive option again, there's a sort of revival of thin clients in our market space.

However, one single update already justifies the investment in a management infrastructure, as manual configuration of all your thin-clients is extremely expensive.Surely, traditional thin clients can be a very successful when the requirements are low, but when the latest and greatest is required, you have another option.A smart client, slim client or thin PC--it's just a name--but this is basically a PC with OEM Windows Professional (XP to 7) configured as a thin client.The fact is that Linux or Windows CE as a thin client OS seriously lacks the rich media and user experience optimization support we see being developed first for the Windows client.This is relevant because any user experience- and performance-related innovations are very important to our end users and ultimately, the acceptance of any SBC and VDI solution. Talk to all the IT admins who've been supporting thin client for years.

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They'll tell you from experience that a management infrastructure is required to deploy security fixes, client/application upgrades, root certificates, firmware updates, and configuration changes.

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