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IIS is one of the server roles on Windows Server 2012 R2, named Web Server (IIS).You can use the following to install IIS: Server Manager provides a single dashboard to install or uninstall server roles, role services, and features.IIS 8.5 includes several new features not found in IIS 8.0 or lower: For more information on these features, see What's New in IIS 8.5.For information on new features in IIS 8.0, see What's New in IIS 8.0.

The Http Log Browser is a free Windows desktop application that helps analyze HTTP logs of web sites hosted either in IIS or in Microsoft Azure.

Community downloads are submitted by IIS community members and do not benefit from Microsoft approval or support, and should be downloaded with this in mind.

Get the Web Platform Installer Most Microsoft Downloads can be installed using Web Platform Installer however it is not required.

File used by ISAPI Loader, a program that allows DLLs to be "hot-swapped" on a Microsoft IIS web server during execution; contains updated DLL file contents for the Web server; automatically recognized and updated by ISAPI Loader.

The ISAPI loader requires all updatable DLL files to be renamed with the extension RUN.

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The Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system has all the IIS features needed to support the hosting of Web content in production environments.