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Updating status on production orders

The system places the data in the Transaction Workfile table (F41021WF).This table is identical to F41021, except that it holds the data only temporarily.You can also access additional item information that helps you accurately plan for future needs, such as summary availability and supply and demand for an item.

You review and analyze sales order information to track the status of sales orders and invoices and accurately plan for future needs.The Item Location File table (F41021) reflects on-hand and committed quantities of items by branch/plant, location, and lot/serial number.Maintaining the F41021 table accurately is extremely important.You can also access and review sales history information.You can review billing information that does not print on the invoice that the customer receives, such as the status of any related orders.

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For example, you can monitor quantity information to identify how many items on a sales order are backordered.