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You could be a victim of “cramming.” Many phone companies allow you to pay for third-party services by having charges added to your phone bill. But sometimes scammers attempt to have phantom fees added to those bills, says Duane Pozza, an attorney in the financial practices division of the Federal Trade Commission.The scam gets its name from the fact that third-party operations are “cramming” their bogus charges onto real phone bills.It works because you downloaded something secretly salted with malware, which the criminal used to hijack your computer and encrypt your data or operating system, says Savage.The tipoff: Government agencies and private software companies don’t lock up computers and assess fines.But, just as with magic tricks, ruses lose their power when you know exactly how they work. Here’s the lowdown on eight hot scams, cons and swindles that criminals are employing to separate you from your money, along with a few strategies for avoiding them.

“Scammers count on that.”The scam: Phone bill creeping upward?

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The scam: Your utility company calls: You’re behind on the bill.

Pony up your credit, debit or prepaid card number now, or it gets disconnected.

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