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Who dating keanu reeves

Rumors about Reeves and Jolie really seemed to take hold after the tabloid Star published a story claiming that turning 44 made Jolie feel more motivated to find love again.

A so-called inside source told Star that Jolie had her sights set on Reeves — and she had a mutual friend set them up on a date.

The actor explained that the stories are completely false.

They knew that the Star Magazine was publishing such an article, so they sent them a letter to refute the allegations.

A source also said that the 54-year-old A-list star is the very first man who makes the mom of six excited about love again.

Reeves’ mother, Patricia, is said to like Jolie for her son and is wishing that they can make it work.

Keanu Reeves is being linked to Angelina Jolie, who was declared as officially single by the court not long ago.

But apparently, the tabloid still published the report.“This is the statement I sent to them: Your story is completely false and has no basis in any truth,” Reeves spokesman said. Once again you are manufacturing and inventing lies in order to increase your sales for purely financial gain.”Reeves and Jolie never worked in a project together, so the rumors were quite suspicious from the beginning.

The actress also stated before that she is not interested in dating because she wants to set her full attention to her kids, especially now that she and her husband are divorced.

Occasionally, though, one comes along that makes even the most skeptical heart skip a beat.

But following numerous reports in recent weeks, Keanu Reeves has responded to Angelina Jolie dating speculation — and fans will undoubtedly want to hear what the actor’s rep said about the possibility of this couple.

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As wonderful of a couple Jolie and Reeves might make, Reeves’s rep insists there is no truth to the rumors.