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But you may not realize that these two tech titans once played .

Before Apple painted Microsoft's Windows operating system as a threat to the lives of PCs everywhere, Jobs and Gates worked hand-in-hand.

They appeared in Apple's version of the popular 1960s show, (see video above).

In the mid-1980s, Apple needed software for the Macintosh, the machine that pushed the graphical user interface into the mainstream, and Gates was happy to supply it, realizing the power of this new machine.

In October 1983, Gates appeared at Apple's annual sales meeting in Honolulu, which doubled as the Mac's coming out party.

It takes something that's really new and really captures people's imagination, and the Macintosh – of all the machines I've ever seen – is the only one that meets that standard.' Bill Gates In reality, the Macintosh wasn't yet ready for primetime. In the faux game show, he appeared as both the show's host and a stand-in for the "bachelor" who's looking for a date – aka the Macintosh. He never could capture Steve's heart – at least not completely.

The potential dates were all software makers: Lotus founder Mitch Kapor, Software Publishing's Fred Gibbons, and, yes, Gates."During 1984, Microsoft expects to get half of its revenues from Macintosh software," Gates says as he introduces himself to a beaming, floppy-haired Jobs.

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The skit, which originated with the Apple team that built the Mac, was meant to show that outside companies were building software for this new breed of machine.